Brownie Day

December 8th

Do you need a reason to eat brownies?
Brownie Day is December 8th.
It’s the perfect excuse to enjoy your favorite!

The History of Brownies

Brownies were created in the late 19th century and while the originator of brownies is debated, we sure are glad they were invented! It wasn’t actually until the 20th century when Chocolate became more common and cookbooks and cookie recipes began to spread worldwide, that Brownies really became popular. 

Brownie Day History

As an enthusiast of celebrating sweet foods, and creator of many trending holiday, Patti Jewel initiated Brownie Day to celebrate this amazing smooth treat that anyone with a sweet tooth can not resist! Brownie Day has been celebrated since 2005, when Patti was in the kitchen baking her mother’s homemade brownie recipe with her kids and wanted to create a day where everyone who appreciates this delicious treat can celebrate and spend time enjoying this decadent treat with family and friends.  It is officially designated on‘s Holiday Registrar. While some websites change the name to National Brownie Day, the day is intended to be celebrated globally. 

Celebrate Brownie Day

To celebrate Brownie Day, make a batch of your favorite brownies, try some new brownie recipes, bake with friends or family or head to your bakery and pick up your favorite brownies and enjoy! 


More Brownie Days to Celebrate

  • Blonde Brownie Day is January 22
  • Cream Cheese Brownie Day is February 10
  • Butterscotch Brownie Day is May 9





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