Brownie Day

December 8th

Do you need a reason to eat brownies?
Brownie Day is December 8th.
It’s the perfect excuse to enjoy your favorite Brownies!

The History of Brownies

Brownies first appeared in cookbooks in the late 1800’s. At the time, brownies were a fudgier chocolate dessert than chocolate cake. A typical chocolate brownie is baked in a sheet pan and cut into squares. Over the past century, brownies have evolved and may include a variety of nuts, chocolate chips, cream cheese, frosting and even made without chocolate as a blonde brownie. 

Brownie Day History

As an enthusiast of celebrating sweet foods, Holiday Expert, Patti Jewel, designated Brownie Day to celebrate this amazing food! Officially designated in 2006, Brownie Day was officially designated by‘s Holiday Registrar in 2006. 

Celebrate Brownie Day

To celebrate Brownie Day, make a batch of your favorite variety of brownies today. Or try a new recipe, add new ingredients or toppings, and share the love! 


Brownie Day: The Ultimate Guide to Celebrating Brownies

Brownie Day: The Ultimate Guide to Celebrating Brownies

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How to Make the Perfect Brownie

How to Make the Perfect Brownie

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8 Divine Brownie Recipes for Brownie Day

8 Divine Brownie Recipes for Brownie Day

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